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Hi ,

As Im sure everyone is now well aware you are required to Check in at the Golf Club but also at the proshop to access course and Practice facilities. When accessing the course, proshop staff will give you a coloured band, this is to show the ranger that you have checkin correctly.

We have multiple QR code banners set up around the Proshop and Entry to the club, please make sure you get a Green Tick and show staff. Then don't forget to Check out of the venue when leaving


14th Hole Update

Bunker renovations are under away! Mark and his team have been busy moving sand and soil with the new bunkers now taking shape. The eco bunkers that are being built are being designed for easier maintenance for staff, longer bunker life, better playability and easy access for our members walking in and out.

The 14th Hole will be closed for construction Wednesday the 28th & Thursday the 29th. Competition on these days will remain the same and the player will be deemed to have had net par for this hole.

The 14th hole will also be closed on Friday the 23rd

Mi Club Update

Our transfer to MiClub is still moving forward but has been slightly delayed. We are dotting the i's and crossing the t's to make sure our transition to the new program is as smooth as possible. We are still encouraging members to redeem balls and spend proshop points to assist with the transfer.

Watch the video below to see how to efficiently use the scoring buttons and some key features of the app


New FootJoy Drop

Performance golf shirts from FJ are the ultimate high-tech garment to wear on the course. Breathable fabric helps move moisture away from your body for added comfort. Easy to care for fabric, that has minimal wrinkling, Which is Ideal for golf trips and travel. These shirts have the Kiama GC logo and are just $75 for members

Hidden Holes

Something new to Kiama!

As we unable to take the flag out and some of our members are missing the Superpin comp we thought we would try something new.

How does hidden holes work?

The hidden holes competition is the total of the stableford scores for each of the hidden holes selected by proshop staff on the day and will change comp to comp. The best combined scores of these holes on the day is the winner. We will select 6 holes at random and will announce the holes at the end of the competition

If you would like to go in the "Hidden Holes" Just tell proshop staff when registering for the comp. It will be a extra $1 buy in, winning takes all!

Proshop Points Extended

We know we have a number of members who are unable to access the course at the present time due to lockdown restrictions.

We ask you to please not leave your lockdown area to come redeem golf balls or spend money. We will be reinstating any balls or money lost during this time. So please don't worry!

Micropower does allow us to view a full history of your prize accounts, remember you can also view this from home via the Member portal

Kiama Golf Club

Tel: 0242377339
Kiama Golf Club, Oxley Avenue, Kiama Downs NSW, Australia
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